Colorado College

Rare 826.08 T212 v.1, [unnumbered item]

Autograph letter signed by Cowley, to John Evelyn (originally accompanying CoA 202), from Chertsey, 17 August 1666. 1666.

CoA 249: Abraham Cowley, Letter(s)

Sotheby's, 4 May 1910. Sotheby's, 23 April 1923, lot 189, to Blunt. Sale catalogue of John Pearson, ‘500 Important Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters’, Vol. I (A-H) [c.1930?], item 136, with a facsimile in the catalogue.

Rare 826.08 T212 v.2, [unnumbered item]

Autograph letter by Marvell, to Edward Thompson, 5 January 1670/1. 1671.

*MaA 541: Andrew Marvell, Letter(s)

Facsimiles in Maggs's sale catalogue No. 299 (1912), item 4055, Plate XII, and in IELM, II.ii (1993), Facsimile II, after p. xxi.