Christ's College, Cambridge

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Receipt for payment of £5 from Samuel Simmons for Paradise Lost, signed on Milton's behalf, 26 April 1669. The hand here is identified by Maurice Kelley as that responsible for an addition on p. 272 of the MS of De Doctrina Christiana (MnJ 46). 1669.

MnJ 112: John Milton, Document(s)

Later owned by Dawson Turner, FSA (1775-1858), banker, botanist, and antiquary. Puttick & Simpson's, 6 June 1859 (Turner sale), lot 621, with a facsimile as frontispiece in the sale catalogue.

Facsimiles also in Gentleman's Magazine, 92.ii (1822), 13; in Sotheby, Ramblings, pp. 137-40 (Plate XVIII, No. ii); in Illinois, II, 210; in Maurice Kelley, This Great Argument (1941), p. [226]; and in Elizabeth T. McLaughlin, ‘Milton and Thomas Ellwood’, Milton Newsletter, 1 (1967), 17-28 (where, following John Shawcross, it is erroneously suggested that the receipt may be in Ellwood's hand). Edited in Columbia, XVIII, 424, and in LR, IV, 448-9.