Cashel Diocesan Library

MS 8

Copy, on 92 quarto leaves of a 112-leaf volume, with a brief note in the hand of William King (1650-1729), Archbishop of Dublin. [Before 1686].

ClE 34: Edward Hyde, First Earl of Clarendon, A shorte view of the State and condicon of the kingdome of Ireland from the year 1640 to this tyme

Edited from this MS in the first Dublin edition (1719-20). Discussed in Belford.

First published in Dublin, 1719-20. Published in London, 1720. Incorporated into the 1816, 1826 and 1849 editions of The History of the Rebellion. Reprinted as Vol. II of A Collection of Several Valuable Pieces of Clarendon (2 vols, London, 1727).