Cambridgeshire Record Office

Huddleston Papers 488/M [R92/88]

A fragment of an otherwise lost MS copy of Arcadia. Containing the text of poems OA 18 (here ‘The seauenth songe:’ beginning ‘Yee lovinge Pouers enclosed in statelye shryne’) and OA 19, lines 1, 8-12, 11 (here ‘The Eighte songe’ beginning ‘My wordes in hoope to blase my stedfast mynde’, with related prose, written in the accomplished secretary hand of John Paxton, steward of the Huddleston estate, on the first page of a pair of conjugate folio leaves (c.355 x 230mm.), probably discarded because of a mistake in copying (eyeskip) and later used to reinforce the lower cover of a vellum-bound manuscript terrier relating to manors of Sir Edmund Huddleston dated 10 May 1580. c.1580s.

SiP 102.3: Sir Philip Sidney, The Old Arcadia

Possibly written for Sir Edmund Huddleston (c.1536-1606), of Sawston Hall, a prominent member of a Catholic family.

This MS, discovered by Steven W. May, discussed, with a facsimile, in H.R. Woudhuysen, ‘A New Manuscript Fragment of Sidney's Old Arcadia: The Huddleston Manuscript’, EMS, 11: Manuscripts and their Makers in the English Renaissance (2002), 52-69. The prose text corresponds to Robertson's edition of Old Arcadia, p. 109, lines 27-9, and p. 110, lines 13-28. The poems are in Ringler, pp. 40-1.

The unfinished revised version of Arcadia (the ‘New Arcadia’) first published in London, 1590. The original version (the ‘Old Arcadia’) first published in Feuillerat, IV (1926). The complete Old Arcadia edited by Jean Robertson (Oxford, 1973). The poems edited in Ringler, pp. 7-131.


A composite volume of papers belonging to a Cambridgeshire family.

f. [1v]

ShJ 155: James Shirley, The Contention of Ajax and Ulysses for the Armour of Achilles, Act III, Song (‘The glories of our blood and state’)

Copy of the dirge, untitled, on a single leaf. Mid-17th century.

Gifford & Dyce, VI, 396-7. Armstrong, p. 54. Musical setting by Edward Coleman published in John Playford, The Musical Companion (London, 1667).