Buckinghamshire Record Office


A mortgage agreement relating to Stocks Place, Coleshill, signed by Waller and also by Thomas Ellwood, 7 February 1682/3. 1683.

*WaE 852: Edmund Waller, Document(s)


A quitclaim from Waller to Ambrose Bennett relating to property in Beaconsfield, 1 December 1657. 1657.

*WaE 847: Edmund Waller, Document(s)


Bargain and sale of ‘one peece of wast ground’ in Beaconsfield from Richard Baldwyn and his son Richard to Anne Waller and her son Edmund, signed by both Anne and Edmund Waller, 2 May 1626. 1626.

*WaE 835: Edmund Waller, Document(s)

PR 4/12/2

Account book of overseers and churchwardens of Amersham for 1611-1741, signed by Waller on 1 May 1633 (p. 42), 2 April 1635 (p. 47) and 25 April 1636 (p. 49), as well as signed by his kinsman, John Hampden, on retrospective accounts for 1630 and 1631 (pp. 39, 41). 1633-5.

*WaE 836: Edmund Waller, Document(s)

W. 30

A notarised copy of Waller's last will and testament, 19 June 1686, with a separate codicil dated 2 July 1687, and proved 7 November 1687. c.1687.

WaE 859: Edmund Waller, Will

[no shelfmark]

A settlement for the marriage of Edmund Waller the Younger and Abigail Tilney, 18 November 1686. 1686.

*WaE 855: Edmund Waller, Document(s)