Boston Public Library

MS Am. 1502 v. 1, No. 18

Copy of a ten-stanza version, headed ‘Old Pious's Protestacon, before he came into England in the year 1660. By the Duke of Buckingham’, on the first two pages of a pair of conjugate folio leaves, endorsed ‘Old Pious's Vow in 1660’. Late 17th century.

MaA 175: Andrew Marvell, The Kings Vowes (‘When the Plate was at pawne, and the fobb att low Ebb’)

First published as A Prophetick Lampoon, Made Anno 1659. By his Grace George Duke of Buckingham: Relating to what would happen to the Government under King Charles II [London, 1688/9]. Margoliouth, I, 173-5. POAS, I, 159-62. Lord, pp. 186-8, as ‘The Vows’. Discussed in Chernaik, pp. 212-14, where it is argued that it is of ‘unknown’ authorship, ‘possibly Marvell's’, and that the poem grew by accretions by different authors.

MS E. 9.4

Autograph document (also incorporating Walton's signature in the text), a disclaimer by John Meison of Halfhead and Walter Noell of Hilcott of the right to use the backyard of Meison's house (now occupied by Richard Mitten) as a thoroughfare, this right having been questioned by Walton, recent purchaser of the house and yard in question, signed by Walter Noell and witnessed by William Hawkins and Brian Lane, [1660]. 1660.

*WtI 30: Izaak Walton, Document(s)

Later owned by Marsden J. Perry (1850-1935), American industrialist, banker and book collector. American Art Association, New York, sale catalogue, 11 March 1946 (Perry sale), lot 540, with a facsimile in the catalogue.

MS Eng. 132pb

Official copy (‘Vera copia’ made for Charles Mawson) of an illuminated grant of arms to the Dummer family of Swathling, Hampshire (the original signed by Vanbrugh and by Henry St George), 22 October 1711. c.1711.

VaJ 453: Sir John Vanbrugh, Document(s)

G. 17b. 21

An exemplum of the printed quarto edition of 1630, with a reader's inscriptions recording entrances (‘Entter’) throughout the first four acts. Mid-17th century.

ShW 64.5: William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor

Recorded in Shattuck, p. 303, No. 1.

First published in London, 1602.

G. 3966.21

A proof-sheet with corrector's marks on sig.C1v, tipped into an exemplum of the quarto printed edition of 1621, in modern quarter-morocco marbled boards. 1621.

B&F 170.8: Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Thierry and Theodoret

Later owned by James Orchard Halliwell (from 1872 Halliwell-Phillipps) (1820-89), literary scholar and book collector. Sotheby's, 23 May 1856 (Halliwell sale), lot 150, to J. Russell Smith; thence to Thomas Pennant Barton.

This item discussed in Robert K. Turner, Jr., ‘Notes on the Text of Thierry and Theodoret’, SB, 14 (1961), 218-31, and in Bowers's edition (Cambridge, 1966), III, 374. Recorded in Jan Moore, p. 67.

Written probably in collaboration with Philip Massinger. First published London, 1621. Bowers, III, 376-456, ed. Robert K. Turner.

G. 3972. 13

A proofsheet with corrector's marks on sigs. F1v and F3v, in an exemplum of the quarto printed edition of 1632. c.1632.

HyT 8: Thomas Heywood, The Iron Age (Part I)

This item discussed, with a facsimile, in Arthur Brown, ‘A Proof-Sheet in Thomas Heywood's The Iron Age’, The Library, 5th Ser. 10 (1955), 275-8.

First published in London, 1632. Dramatic Works, III, 257-345.


Exemplum of the quarto printed edition of 1604 with the six unprinted pages, sigs E1r-E3v, supplied in MS in a single secretary hand, inscribed on a flyleaf ‘Sr francis Bacon his booke dedicated to ye king’, bound with other quarto printed tracts, in modern quarter-morocco. c.1604.

BcF 123.5: Francis Bacon, Certain Considerations touching the Better Pacification and Edification of the Church of England

First published in London, 1604. Spedding, X, 103-27. The circumstances of the original publication and the book's suppression by the Bishop of London discussed, with a census of relevant exempla, in Richard Serjeantson and Thomas Woolford, ‘The Scribal Publication of a Printed Book: Francis Bacon's Certaine Considerations Touching...the Church of England (1604)’, The Library, 7th Ser. 10/2 (June 2009), 119-56.


A printed exemplum inscribed by Walton for [John Fell], Bishop of Oxford. c.1670.

*WtI 76: Izaak Walton, The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert (London, 1670)