Borthwick Institute, York

YM/VAN.1, [unnumbered item]

Autograph letter signed, to an unidentified correspondent, from Heslington, 20 September 1721, imperfect. 1721.

*VaJ 327: Sir John Vanbrugh, Letter(s)

Edited in Downes, pp. 539-40 (Appendix G, No. 7).

YM/VAN.1, [unnumbered item]

Autograph signed memorandum of an agreement by Vanbrugh with Thomas Dorrell on the lease of a field for grazing, 27 March 1719. 1719.

*VaJ 412: Sir John Vanbrugh, Document(s)


Vanbrugh's retained copy, partly printed, of his agreement with Marchants Water-Works for a running water-course in the Haymarket Theatre, signed by Hugh Marchant, 27 January 1707[/8]. 1708.

VaJ 421: Sir John Vanbrugh, Document(s)


Agreement between Vanbrugh and Thomas Miller of Fulham, signed by the latter only, concerning Miller's invention of a method for burning brick tiles, 9 June 1721. 1721.

VaJ 516: Sir John Vanbrugh, Document(s)


Autograph docket by Vanbrugh (‘Accepted August the 4th 1712’) on a bill of exchange, in the hand of his brother Sir Charles Vanbrugh, for payment of £26 to Thomas Ray, Ostend, 25 July 1712. 1712.

*VaJ 460: Sir John Vanbrugh, Document(s)

YM/VAN. 16

A small folio autograph account book by Vanbrugh, being a detailed ‘Journal of All Receipts Payments and other financial Transactions, To be Transcrib'd fair into the Green book [monthly deleted]’, 65 leaves (plus 22 blanks and two loosely inserted documents). Covering (ff. 4-61v) the period 1 January 1714-15 to 15 March 1725/6, lacking entries for 26 January 1714/15 to 18 August 1715 and 3 April to 6 June 1717 on extracted leaves after ff. 4 and 14; also containing entries by Lady Vanbrugh (ff. 61v-5v) for the period from 9 April to 29 August 1726 (following the death of her husband on 26 March 1726). 1715-26.

*VaJ 15: Sir John Vanbrugh, Account Books

Preserved among Lady Vanbrugh's papers formerly at her family home of Heslington Hall.

This MS edited in full in Downes (1977), pp. 174-241, with facsimiles of ff. 45r and 61v as his Plates 3 and 4. See also Register, Nos. 2493 and 2840.

YM/VAN.16 [addendum]

Autograph memorandum of Vanbrugh's payment of £100 for South Sea stock ‘at Midsummer last’, undated, loosely inserted in his account book. c.1715-26.

*VaJ 490: Sir John Vanbrugh, Document(s)

YM/VAN. 17

A large folio autograph account book, containing (pp. 264-209 rev.) Vanbrugh's day-to-day expenses, 133 leaves (with a loosely inserted bifolium of accounts for 1723). Covering the period from 1 February 1721/2 to 30 December 1725; extended by Lady Vanbrugh after his death with her accounts (pp. 6-205) from 25 May 1728 to 26 November 1757 and (pp. 208-205 rev) her additional entries from April 1733 to February 1739. 1722-39.

*VaJ 16: Sir John Vanbrugh, Account Books

Preserved among Lady Vanbrugh's papers formerly at her family home of Heslington Hall.

This MS recorded in Downes (1977), p. 174.