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MS 388

A Benedictine MS, ascribed to one ‘J. R.’ Late 17th century.

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DrJ 33.5: John Dryden, Epilogue to The Man of Mode (‘Most Modern Wits, such monstrous Fools have shown’)

Copy, headed ‘Epilogue to Sr Fopling by Mr Dryden’.

First published in Sir George Etherege, The Man of Mode: or, Sr Fopling Flutter (London, 1676). Kinsley, I, 158-9. California, I, 154-5. Vinton A. Dearing, A Manual of Textual Analysis (Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1959), pp. 69-72. Danchin, II, 705 et seq. Hammond, I, 301-3.

MS 1110

Copy of Psalms 1-150, with a second version of Psalms 75 and 131. Early 17th century.

SiP 83: Sir Philip Sidney, The Psalms of David

Once owned by Sir Kenelm Digby (1603-65), courtier and natural philosopher.

This MS described in Ringler, p. 552.

Psalms 1-43 translated by Sidney. Psalms 44-150 translated by his sister, the Countess of Pembroke. First published complete in London, 1823, ed. S.W. Singer. Psalms 1-43, without the Countess of Pembroke's revisions, edited in Ringler, pp. 265-337. Psalms 1-150 in her revised form edited in The Psalms of Sir Philip Sidney and the Countess of Pembroke, ed. J.C.A. Rathmell (New York, 1963). Psalms 44-150 also edited in The Collected Works of Mary Sidney Herbert Countess of Pembroke (1988), Vol. II.