Bibliotheca Bodmeriana, Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland

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Autograph fair copy, complete with signed dedication to Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory, on 22 pages of a quire of twelve folio leaves, in a paper wrapper bearing the title, possibly used as the printer's copy in 1680. c.1680.

*OtT 2: Thomas Otway, The Poet's Complaint of his Muse; or, A Satyr against Libells. A Poem (‘To a high Hill where never yet stood Tree’)

The wrapper is inscribed ‘The Author's own Manuscript. J. Merrick, D.V. Taverner. 1730's’ and, in the hand of John Loveday (1742-1809), ‘Printed at Lond. 1680. qu…’. Sotheby's, 8 June 1953 (Loveday sale), lot 156.

Facsimile of page 11 and of Otway's signature in Sotheby's sale catalogue (frontispiece and lot 156). Facsimile of page 12 in Margaret Crum, English and American Autographs in the Bodmeriana (Cologny-Geneva, 1977), p. 54. Facsimile also in IELM, II.ii (1993), Facsimile V, after p. xix.

First published in London, 1680. Ghosh, II, 401-26.

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A printed exemplum of a work by Jean Bouchet.

Sotheby's, 11 June 1849 (Duke of Buckingham's intended sale), lot 769. Waller, ‘Catalogue of a highly interesting and valuable collection of autograph letters’ [February 1859], item 139. Later owned by Robert Offley Ashburton Milnes, afterwards Crewe-Milnes (1858-1945), first Marquess of Crewe, politician. Raphael King, London, sale catalogue (January 1951).

The volume as a whole

*SiP 222: Sir Philip Sidney, Bouchet, Jean. Les annales d'Aquitaine, faicts & gestes en sommaire des roys de France, & d'Angleterre (Poitiers, 1557)

A printed exemplum owned and annotated by Sidney.

last page

*SiP 31: Sir Philip Sidney, Certain Sonnets, Sonnet 6 (‘Sleepe Babie mine, Desire, nurse Beautie singeth’)

Autograph verses inscribed by Sidney.

Facsimile in Croft, Autograph Poetry, I, 14.

Ringler, p. 139.