Biblioteka Jagiellonska

Mus. ant. pract. P 970

A folio composite music book, comprising (A) three printed works by Henry Lawes and others (1655-9), with MS additions, together with (B) 32 MS leaves of vocal music (plus stubs of eight excised leaves), in a single hand, bound together in brown leather. Owned by, and the MS pages in the hand of, the Rev. John Patrick (1632-95), religious controversialist. c.1660s.

Bookplate of Charles Barlow (fl.1720s-30s), of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Leo Liepmannssohn's sale catalogue 183 (1913), item 183 (possibly from MSS purchased in 1907 by James E. Matthew). Library stamp of the Königliche Bibliothek (now Preussische Staatsbibliothek), Berlin. Moved to Kraków in 1946.

Discussed, with various facsimile examples, in H. Diack Johnstone, ‘Ayres and Arias: A Hitherto Unknown Seventeenth-Century English Songbook’, Early Music History, 16 (1997), 167-201, and in Richard Charteris, ‘A Newly Discovered Songbook in Poland with Works by Henry Lawes and his Contemporaries’, EMS, 8 (2000), 225-79.

A. p. 89

CnC 114.5: Charles Cotton, Song. Set by Mr. Coleman (‘Bring back my Comfort, and return’)

Copy, in a musical setting by Edward Coleman, inscribed in a printed exemplum of Select Ayres and Dialogues for One, Two, and Three Voyces (London, 1659).

Edited from this MS in Charteris, p. 271.

First published in Poems (1689), pp. 370-1. Beresford, pp. 127-8.

B. p. 29

StW 748.5: William Strode, Song (‘I saw faire Cloris walke alone’)

Copy, in a musical setting.

Edited from this MS in Charteris, pp. 272-3. Cited, with two staves of music, in Johnstone, p. 195.

First published in Walter Porter, Madrigales and Ayres (London, 1632). Dobell, p. 41. Forey, pp. 76-7. The poem also discussed in C.F. Main, ‘Notes on some Poems attributed to William Strode’, PQ, 34 (1955), 444-8 (pp. 445-6), and see Mary Hobbs, ‘Early Seventeenth-Century Verse Miscellanies and Their Value for Textual Editors’, EMS, 1 (1989), 182-210 (pp. 199, 209).

B. pp. 40-1

CaW 94: William Cartwright, The Royal Slave, Act I, scene ii, lines 167-79. The Priest's song (‘Come from a Dungeon to the Throne’)

Copy, in a musical setting by Henry Lawes.

Edited from this MS in Charteris, p. 273.

Henry Lawes's musical setting of the forst six lines first published in his Select Ayres and Dialogues (London, 1659), p. 26. Evans, p. 205.

B. pp. 42-3

CoA 11.5: Abraham Cowley, Anacreontiques. II. Drinking (‘The thirsty Earth soaks up the Rain’)

Copy, in a musical setting by Sylvanus Taylor.

The lyrics edited from this MS in Charteris, p. 273.

First published in Wits Interpreter (London, 1655). Among Miscellanies in Poems (London, 1656). Waller, I, 51. Sparrow, p. 50.

Musical setting by Silas Taylor published in Catch that Catch Can: or the Musical Companion (London, 1667). Setting by Roger Hill published in Select Ayres and Dialogues (London, 1669).

pp. 59-[60]

EtG 121.5: Sir George Etherege, The Comical Revenge. or Love in a Tub, Act II, scene ii, lines 153-69. Song (‘When Phillis watch'd her harmless Sheep’)


Edited from this MS in Charteris, p. 274.

First published in London, 1664. Brett-Smith, I, 1-88 (pp. 21-2). The song in Thorpe, p. 20.