Berkshire Record Office

D/EBt Z 24

Copy, in a professional hand, with corrections, on two pairs of conjugate quarto leaves. c.1690s.

HaG 46: George Savile, First Marquess of Halifax, A Rough Draught of a New Model at Sea

Among papers of the Belson and Barrett families of Milton Manor, Berkshire.

This MS collated in Brown, I, 309-14.

First published, anonymously, in London, 1694. Foxcroft, II, 454-65. Brown, I, 296-308.

D/EBt Z 33


RnT 542: Thomas Randolph, Upon the Burning of a School (‘What heat of learning kindled your desire’)

Published in Wit and Drollery (London, 1661), ascribed to ‘T. R.’. Usually anonymous in MS copies and the school variously identified as being in Castlethorpe or in Batley, Yorkshire, or in Lewes, Sussex, or elsewhere.

D/EBt Z 37

Copy, headed ‘To the Queen's Maiesty on her happy arriuall’, on a single folio leaf. Late 17th century.

PsK 481.5: Katherine Philips, To the Queen on her arrivall at Portsmouth. May. 1662 (‘Now that the seas and winds so kind are growne’)

First published as a broadside (London, 1662). Poems (1664), pp. 10-13. Poems (1667), pp. 5-7. Saintsbury, pp. 509-10. Thomas, I, 74-5, poem 5.

Two known exempla of the broadside at Harvard (*pEB65 A100 662t) and at Worcester College, Oxford. Discussed, with a facsimile of the Harvard exemplum, in Elizabeth H. Hageman, ‘The “false printed” Broadside of Katherine Philips's “To the Queens Majesty on her Happy Arrival”’, The Library, 6th Ser. 17/4 (December 1995), 321-6. The Worcester College exemplum is illustrated in Peter Beal, In Praise of Scribes (1998), p. 158.