Athanaeum Library, Deventer, Holland

I, 91 (101 G 6)

A letterbook compiled for Erasmus by his pupils. Early 16th century.

f. 207v

MrT 12.4: Sir Thomas More, Epigrammata. 276. Tabula loqvitur (‘Quanti olim fuerant Pollus et Castor amici’)

Copy of More's verses on pictures of Erasmus and Peter Gilles (‘Tabella loquitur’, beginning ‘Quanti olim fuerant Pollux et Castor amici’, and ‘Ipse loqvor Morvs’, beginning ‘Tu quos aspicis, agnitos opinor’), in a copy of More's letter to Gilles, 7 October [1517].

The handwriting of this MS is designated ‘Hand B’ in Opus epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterdami, ed. P.S. Allen, I (Oxford, 1906), p. 605. Facsimile of ff. 207r-8r in Yale, Vol. 3, Part II, after p. 299. Formerly cited in IELM, I.ii (1980) as MrT 14.

An epigram on paintings, with a lengthy introduction beginning ‘Verus in tabulam duplicem...’. First published in Desiderius Erasmus, Auctarium selectarum aliquot epistolarum (Basle, 1518). Bradner & Lynch, pp. 120-1. Yale, Vol. 3, Part II, pp. 298-300, with English translation.