Archives générales du Royaume, Brussels, Belgium

Office fiscal, liasse 1330

Autograph letter signed (‘W Tindale’), in Latin, to the Prison Governor at Vilvorde, the Marquis of Bergen. Asking for warmer clothes for the winter, a lamp to relieve the tedium of dark evenings, and his Hebrew Bible, grammar and dictionary; written in Autumn 1535. 1535.

*TiW 6: William Tindale, Letter(s)

Edited in J.F. Mozley, William Tyndale (London, 1937), pp. 333-5. A reduced facsimile and English translation in G.E. Duffield, The Work of William Tyndale (Appleford, Berkshire, 1964), pp. 400-1. Facsimile in IELM, I.ii, Facsimile XXXI (p. 544).