Ampleforth Abbey

MS 31

Copy of two works, transcribed from More's printed Works (1557), pp. 335D-357F, on 27 folio leaves. Late 16th century.

[item 1]

MrT 18.5: Sir Thomas More, The Confutation of Tyndale's Answer

Copy of ‘The Preface to the Chrysten reader’.

First published in 2 vols, London, 1532-3. Yale, Vol. 8, Parts I-III (1973).

[item 2]

MrT 36.5: Sir Thomas More, The Supplication of Souls


First published in London, 1529. Yale, Vol. 7, pp. 109-228.

All exempla of the two editions of 1529 bear a MS correction, evidently made in the printer William Rastell's workshop, on sig h2v: see Ralph Keen, A Correction by Hand in More's Supplication, 1529, Moreana, Vol. 20 (February 1983), 100.