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Fond 114, nim. 1, S/U, 7a

Copy, in the hand of the English merchant Thomas Codrington, 20 September 1637. In an album compiled by the interpreter to the German legation of the Duke of Schleswig-Holstein to the court of Shah Sefi I in Isfahan, Persia. 1637.

StW 768: William Strode, Song (‘I saw faire Cloris walke alone’)

Edited from this MS in Dirk Erpenbeck, ‘William Strode's “On Chloris Walking”: A Version from Esthonia’, N&Q, 222 (May-June 1977), 207.

First published in Walter Porter, Madrigales and Ayres (London, 1632). Dobell, p. 41. Forey, pp. 76-7. The poem also discussed in C.F. Main, ‘Notes on some Poems attributed to William Strode’, PQ, 34 (1955), 444-8 (pp. 445-6), and see Mary Hobbs, ‘Early Seventeenth-Century Verse Miscellanies and Their Value for Textual Editors’, EMS, 1 (1989), 182-210 (pp. 199, 209).