William Tindale


Only two examples of Tindale's handwriting have hitherto come to light. One is the letter written from his cell to the Prison Governor at Vilvorde, a few months before Tindale was burned at the stake (*TiW 6). The other, found among John Foxe's papers, is an early draft of a treatise advocating the translating of the Bible (*TiW 2).

Two tracts by or attributed to Tindale are found in later manuscript copies (TiW 1, TiW 4-5), and, given the importance of translation in Tindale's life, it seems appropriate to record an Italian translation of yet another of his works (TiW 3). A transcript of parts of the British Library's exemplum of Tindale's Bible (Antwerp, 1534), made by Professor J.H. Gardiner in 1905, and not here given a seprate entry, is at Harvard, MS Eng 558.

Peter Beal