Sir David Lindsay



The Works of Sir David Lindsay of the Mount 1490-1555, ed. Douglas Hamer, 4 vols, STS 3rd Ser. 1, 2, 6, 8 (Edinburgh & London, 1930-4).


The few extant manuscripts of works by Sir David Lindsay are all collated or described in Hamer. None is in Lindsay's own hand. What appears to be the only authentic surviving example of his handwriting is a letter he sent to the Scottish Secretary from Antwerp in 1531 (*LiD 13).

One other reported example of his signature is on a printed book, Lucanus cum tribus comm[entariis]: M. Annei Lucani Cordubensis Pharsalia diligentissime per G. Versellanum recognita (Lyons, 1519), offered at Sotheby's, 3-4 February 1851, lot 277. This is recorded in Mark English, ‘Lost Autographs of John Skelton, David Lyndsay, and Thomas More?’, N&Q, 248 (December 2003), 385. Although it may well have been owned and signed by the writer, neither the book's absence nor the number of David Lindsays who flourished in this period make for any degree of certainty.

For information about other early documents relating to Lindsay, see Hamer, IV, 241-77.

Peter Beal