Sir Thomas Elyot



Stanford E. Lehmberg, Sir Thomas Elyot: Tudor Humanist (Austin, Texas, 1960)


K. J. Wilson, ‘The Letters of Sir Thomas Elyot’, SP, 73, No. 5 (December 1976)


Apart from a Latin translation of part of Elyot's Image of Governance (ElT 2), none of Sir Thomas Elyot's known works is known to be preserved in manuscript. However, ten original letters, addressed chiefly to Thomas Cromwell, and written between 1528 and 1536, are recorded (ElT 3-14), all of them published in Wilson. Two of these letters (*ElT 9, *ElT 14) originally accompanied exempla of printed works by Elyot presented to Thomas Cromwell, one of which (*ElT 14) is still preserved.

These and other documents relating to Elyot are cited in Lehmberg.

Peter Beal