Margaret, Lady Hoby



First published as Diary of Lady Margaret Hoby 1599-1605, ed. Dorothy M. Meads (London, 1930).

*HoM 1

A diary, covering the period from 9 August 1599 to 21 July 1605, in a single somewhat ungainly, largely italic hand, presumably autograph. 118 small quarto leaves, imperfect at the beginning and end. 1599-1605.

Acquired from the Rev. C.St.B. Sydenham 10 November 1883.

Edited from this MS in Meads's edition (1930), with a facsimile of f. 16r facing p. 85. Facsimile of f. 16r also in English Women's Voices 1540-1700, ed. Charlotte F. Otten (Miami, 1992), p. 187.

British Library, Egerton MS 2614.