Charles Gildon

Dramatic Works

The Patriot, or The Italian Conspiracy

See GiC 1.

A Restoration Defeated: The Loves of Titus and Teraminta

Unpublished five-act verse tragedy. The revised version published as The Patriot, or The Italian Conspiracy (London, ‘1703’) [i.e. 1702].

GiC 1

MS of a play, in a rounded probably professional hand, with some textual corrections and alterations in a second hand, with extensive cuts and deletions affecting some 77 lines on pp 3-7, 36-8, with a title-page and list of dramatis personæ, vi + 64 folio pages (plus blanks), in vellum boards. c.1702.

Formerly in the library of the Parker family, Earls of Macclesfield, at Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire. Sotheby's, 13 March 2008 (Macclesfield sale Part XI), lot 4004.

A facsimile page in Sotheby's sale catalogue, p. 115. A CD of the MS in the British Library, RP 9297.

Clark Library, Los Angeles, FMS. 2008. 003.



GiC 2

Autograph letter signed by Charles Gildon, [to Charles Montagu, Lord Halifax], undated. c.1713-14?.

In: A folio composite volume of letters, in various hands and paper sizes, 107 leaves, in modern black morocco gilt.

Bequeathed in 1829 by N. Hart, Esq.

British Library, Add. MS 7121, ff. 31r-2r.

GiC 3

Copy by Birch of three letters by Charles Gildon to Robert Harley, the second endorsed ‘Janua. 2. 1710’, the third from Chancery Lane. c.1710.

In: A large quarto composite volume of letters and papers, nearly all in the hand of Thomas Birch, 280 leaves, in 18th-century calf gilt. c.1730s.

Volume IV of the collection of state letters etc. by Thomas Birch (1705-66), biographer and historian.

British Library, Add. MS 4163, ff. 255r-7r.