Giles Fletcher the Younger


Carmen sepulchrale (‘Miraris quî Saxa loqui didicere, Viator?’)

A Description of Encolpius (‘It was at evening, & in Aprill mild’)

First published in Miscellanies of the Fuller Worthies Library, ed. Alexander B. Grosart, III (1872), 510-12. Boas, I, 89-90.

FlG 1

Copy, headed ‘Nisus amore pio pueri &c.’ and endorsed in another hand ‘'tis Encolpus in Petronius. I had it of Mr. Blois’.

In: A quarto composite miscellany of verse, in English and Latin, compiled by William Sancroft (1617-93), Archbishop of Canterbury, who lived in Cambridge as student and Fellow of Emmanuel College from 1633 to 1651, ii + 115 leaves, in calf. Comprising three separate units: ff. 1r-96v all in Sancroft's hand; ff. 97r-104r in a second hand; and ff. 105r-9r in a third hand. c.1640s [and later].

Including (on ff. 2-23, 27ar-v, 70) 94 Latin poems ascribed to Crashaw (including three of doubtful authorship) and (on ff. 29-41, 43v, 44v-58, 60v, 62v-5v, 67-70v, 72-3, 95-6) 101 English poems (plus a second copy of one of them) attributed to him (including one of doubtful authorship) and (on f. 16r-v) one Greek poem attributed to him; a list of contents on the first page beginning ‘Mr. Crashaw's poems transcrib'd fro his own copie, before the were printed; among wch are some not printed…’.

Cited in IELM as the ‘Sancroft MS’: CrR Δ 1. Crashaw edited in part from this MS, and collated, in Grosart, in Waller and in Martin (cited as T or T5), and discussed in Waller, pp. vi-ix, and in Martin, pp. lviii-lxxiii. Folios 28-34v, 38v-41, 44v, 52v-6 reproduced in facsimile in Steps to the Temple (1970).

Edited from this MS in Grosart and in Boas.

Bodleian, MS Tanner 465, f. 42r-v.

Aegidii Fletcheri versio poetica lamentationum Ieremiae

‘Surgens coerulco lotus ab aquore’

An unpublished Latin poem in honour of Frederick V, Elector Palatine.

FlG 2

Copy in: Two MS volumes of gratulatory verse presented to the Elector Palatine by the University of Cambridge on 6 March 1612/13. 6 March 1612/13.

This MS recorded in Leicester Bradner, ‘New Poems by George Herbert: The Cambridge Latin Gratulatory Anthology of 1613’, RN, 15 (1962), 208-11.

Vatican Library, MS Palat. lat. 1736., f. 13r.



*FlG 3

Autograph letter signed by Fletcher, to Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey, Norfolk, 21 May 1611. 1611.

Later owned by Harry Lawrence Bradfer-Lawrence (1887-1965), Norfolk and Yorkshire antiquary and manuscript collector. Formerly Bradfer-Lawrence VII b (1)

Facsimile in IELM, I.ii (1980), Facsimile XIV (p. 76).

Norfolk Record-Office, BL/ BC 8/11.



*FlG 4

Fletcher's autograph signed subscription for the degree of B.D. on 3 July 1619. 1619.

In: The University Subscriptions Book, 1613-38.

Facsimile in IELM, I.ii (1980), Facsimile XIV (p. 76).

Cambridge University Archives, Subscriptiones I, p. 66.