Mary, Lady Chudleigh


The Elevation (‘O how ambitious is my Soul’)

First published in Poems on Several Occasions (London, 1703). Ezell, p. 78.

ChM 1

Copy, headed ‘The Elevation, by Lady Chudly’.

In: A quarto composite verse miscellany, in one or possibly two hands, 56 pages (including blanks), in 19th-century boards. Early-mid-18th century.

Formerly among the papers of the Fairfax family, of Leeds Castle, Kent. Fairfax sale at Leeds Castle, 1843, to Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bt (1792-1872), book and manuscript collector: Phillipps MS 11141. 1898 Phillipps sale, lot 479, to W. A. Lindsay. His sale London, 14 February 1927, lot 671, to Dobell. Dobell & Radford's sale catalogue The Ingatherer, No. 11 (1930), item 209.

University of Chicago, MS 554, p. 16.

To the Ladies (‘Wife and Servant are the same’)

First published in Poems on Several Occasions (London, 1703). Ezell, pp. 83-4.

ChM 2

Copy, in an 18th-century hand.

In: A quarto volume of 60 poems by Henry King (plus one by Henry Reynolds), in a single neat hand, that of Thomas Manne's ‘imitator’, 46 leaves (including a few blank pages). c.1635-6 [and some later additions].

Some 18th-century additions including notes in French, some verse and the inscriptions (f. 3r) ‘Henry Dottin His Book’ and ‘Elie Dottin Her Book’. Later owned by Edmond Malone (1741-1812), literary scholar, biographer and book collector.

Cited in IELM, II.i (1987), as the ‘Malone MS’: KiH Δ 3. Discussed by Margaret Crum in The Library, 5th Ser. 16 (1961), 121-32. Described in Sir Geoffrey Keynes, A Bibliography of Henry King D.D. Bishop of Chichester (London, 1977), pp. 91-3 (with a facsimile of f. 17v: see KiH 321) and in Mary Hobbs's thesis (see Rosemary Williams, Stoughton MS).

This MS recorded in Ezell, p. cviii.

Bodleian, MS Malone 22, f. 2v.

ChM 3

Copy, inscribed in the volume. Early-mid-18th century.

In: A printed exemplum of the Shakespeare First Folio (London, 1623).

Once owned by Elizabeth Brockett.

This MS recorded in Ezell, pp. xvii-xviii.

Folger, STC 22273, No. 23, fourth flyleaf verso.

The Wish (‘Would but indulgent Fortune send’)

First published in Poems on Several Occasions (London, 1703). Ezell, p. 77.

ChM 4

Copy, headed ‘Lady Chudleighs poem the wish’, on one side of a single quarto leaf. Early 18th century.

Dr Williams's Library, MS 12. 11 (25).



ChM 5

Autograph letter signed by Mary Chudleigh, to an unnamed lady, from Ashton, 9 December 1701. 1701.

In: A quarto composite volume of letters and papers, in various hands, 78 leaves.

Bodleian, MS Rawl. letters 90, f. 61r.

ChM 6

Autograph letter signed by Mary Chudleigh, to ‘Corrina’, from Ashton, 19 October 1701. 1701.

In: the MS described under ChM 5.

Bodleian, MS Rawl. letters 90, f. 62r.

*ChM 7

Autograph letter signed by Lady Chudleigh, to the Electress Sophia, from Exeter, 8 October 1710. 1710.

In: A folio composite volume of correspondence and papers of John Robethon, private secretary to William III and George I, for 1707-11, 472 leaves. Hanover Papers Vol. II.

British Library, Stowe MS 223, f. 398r.