Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle


Philosophical and Physical Opinions

First published in London, 1655.

CvM 1

Notes and extracts, headed ‘The Marchionesse of New Castle her Philosophy Compendium. / printed 55’.

In: An octavo notebook and miscellany, in a cursive italic hand, 112 leaves, in contemporary leather. Mid-late 17th century.

British Library, Sloane MS 1950, ff. 35r-8r.

Dramatic Works

The Lotterie

First published, and discussed and attributed to Margaret Cavendish, in James Fitzmaurice, ‘“The Lotterie”: A Transcription of a Manuscript Play Probably by Margaret Cavendish’, HLQ, 66 (2003), 155-67.

CvM 2

Copy, in John Rolleston's hand, on a separate stock of paper. c.1660-2.

In: A folio composite volume, comprising principally (ff. 4r-12r) a formal copy of The Kings Entertainment, a masque by William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, the main text in a stylish italic hand, that of Cavendish's secretary John Rolleston (1587?-1681), of Sokeholme, Nottinghamshire, with some autograph corrections by Newcastle, with three songs (two of them by and in the hand of the composer Matthew Locke) tipped-in at the beginning, 15 leaves, in later half-calf.

Bookplate of William J.A.C.J. Cavendish-Bentinck (1857-1943), sixth Duke of Portland.

The Kings Entertainment, without The Lotterie, discussed and edited from this MS, with facsimile examples, in Lynn Hulse, ‘“The King's Entertainment” by the Duke of Newcastle’, Viator, 26 (1995), 355-405.

Edited from this MS in Fitzmaurice, ‘“The Lotterie”’.

University of Nottingham, Pw V 23, ff. 13r-15v.



*CvM 3

A series of twenty-one affectionate autograph letters by Margaret Cavendish, all but one signed (‘Margaret Lucas’ or ‘M. L.’), to her future husband William Cavendish, then Earl of Newcastle, almost entirely on pairs of conjugate folio leaves, addressed to Cavendish on the fourth page, many with remains of red wax seals, some with remains of pink or red silk ties. c.1645.

In: A folio guardbook of letters and papers, in various hands, i + 358 leaves.

Volume CCCCXCIX of the Portland Papers, owned by the Harley family, of Brampton Bryan, and related families of Vere, Hollis, and Cavendish, and of Cavendish-Bentinck, Dukes of Portland. Formerly Loan MS 29/235.

Facsimile of f. 265r in Douglas Grant, Margaret the First (London, 1957), opposite p. 84.

British Library, Add. MS 70499, ff. 259r-98v.

CvM 4

Autograph letter signed by Margaret Cavendish, to Christyan Huygens, from Antwerp, 30 March 1657. 1657.

In: A folio guardbook of miscellaneous letters and documents, in various hands and paper sizes, 86 leaves, in19th-century half morocco.

Acquired from C. Hamilton 21 December 1870.

British Library, Add. MS 28558 , ff. 65r-6v.

CvM 5

Autograph letter signed by Margaret Cavendish, to ‘Mons. Zealicen, secretaire a son Altesse, La Haye’ [? Chrystian Huygens], from Antwerp, 15 July 1660. 1660.

Richard Hatchwell, Malmesbury book dealer, in 2003.

Untraced, [Cavendish letter].